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Robair was born and raised on Long Island, New York. He is a precision welder fabricator by trade but his passion is carving glass. One night after finishing his first carving of a rose he was watching TV and a fiber optic commercial came on. He thought that if the light goes out the end of the fibers maybe the light would show up in the glass only in the cuts that he made of the rose. So he took the carving and taped a light fixture to the edge of the glass. To his amazement the rose glowed brilliantly. That was the moment of his dream to create one of a kind illuminated art work in glass. Throughout the years Robair has planned for this time in his life to be known as the great glass carving artist. He moved to Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania and built his art studio where he is producing his inventory of glass carvings.


Robair Bern Devine creates visually stunning fine art glass and mirror sculpture that are illuminated with a vibrant color changing light system controlled by a 44 key wireless remote. All art is sketched, cut and carved by his hands using aluminum oxide, high speed rotary and a chipper. He uses unconventional means in carving and is always evolving. His creations add a visually exciting fresh beautiful glow to any environment. Robar’s high class mesmerizing carved glass and mirror masterpieces are created for people to relish in and enjoy with family and friends in their homes, work and abroad. LED lights are controlled by a remote that has several different static colors (including pure white) and dynamic color changing modes are directly selectable and adjustable on your IR remote. Up to six different custom colors can be programmed and saved on your 6 DIY buttons for direct selection. (“I find myself playing with the colors and changing them daily for different looks and feels in the room. What fun they are for me to interact with.” - Bonnie.)

The diversity to what Robair can sculpture in glass is endless. Anything he dreams up he can produce in glass. The speed at which he carves is remarkable. The Quality is of the finest. The technical skills he uses includes; blasting, frosting, engraving, etching with acid, using a chipper, accent paint, gold leafing and a variety of texture in the carving using glue and other objects for different effects in the glass. The product is clean and easy to install. Simply take out of the box, hang and plug in.


*Glass Art Magazine July/August issue features Robair.

*Best of Show 2015 and 1st Place in Sculpture/Mixed Media Category at Carbon County 34th Annual Art Show.

*Best of Show 2014 Carbon County 33rd. Annual Art Leagues Art Show at Anita Shapolsky Gallery in Jim Thorpe.

*Best in Category and 3rd place at the 2014 Fall Foliage Festival Weekend Art Show at The Dominick Public in Jim Thorpe, PA.

*Carved a variety of glass for Dyal Singh Khalsa of East Meadow, NY. He led Robair to carving 23 previous Sikh's in glass for Yogi Bhajan to be displayed in the Golden Temple in India.

*Carved Equestrian Trophies.

*Carved many glass pieces for the Police and Fire Departments on Long Island, NY.

*Carved and engraved glass in many homes, businesses and custom vehicles.

*Carved and engraved many people and their portraits.

*Carved glass for BilJon of Vanity Fair in Freeport, NY.

*Carved glass for Ed Carney Glass of Massapequa, NY.

Robair's statement:

I am a natural born artist, talented in many hands and very flexible with different styles, carving many topics such as people, wildlife, geometrics, architecture, effects and more. I cut clean and sharp, and strive to be flawless. I do not play around. I am skilled with a chipper, high speed rotary, aluminum oxide blasting and do a variety of illuminated glass, sculpture from both sides of the glass, use different techniques suggesting color, adding pearl to glass. I enjoy what I do.


Glass Art Magazine ( 2015 July/August issue.

Times News ( 2015 Glass Artist takes top prize- Robair Bern Devine

Times News ( 2014 Glass Carving Artist named Best of Show at Annual Event.-Robair Bern Devine.


Robair(484)629-0587, Bonnie(516)255-7060,, Facebook- Robair Glass Carvings

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